Playing with boxes

This holiday season, you may have one or boxes after opening gifts. And sometimes these are absolutely the best play things EVER.

Here are some ideas of how to keep the play going once your child is all played out of climbing on, getting on, tipping over and crushing the boxes. Play on!

Build a Castle


Acorn Pies blog has a great blog post on how to build a castle with an empty box.  Add some wooden toy king and queen from Granola Babies and it’s play time!

Build a Train/Car Tunnel

train tunnel


Take those little cars and trains from Granola Babies and build them a little tunnel! I love this fun blog post at Thrive 30 Living.

Build a City

box house

Building a city with cardboard boxes is easily hours of entertainment for little ones. Your little one and you can customize it however you’d like. This is perfect for using creativity.

Build a Small World

box town

If you have a small baby or toddler, this idea from Imagination Tree Blog could be soooo much fun! Get all those wooden blocks, trucks, dolls in there and let your little one have fun.

Build a Bunk Bed

cardboard bed

How adorable is this little bunk bed by Ikat Bag Blog! It’s a sure project here in our household. One all of my kids will LOVE.


Enjoy and happy holidays!


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