Playing catch-up

What once used to be late nights for me catching up with the day’s to-do list – answering emails, placing orders, writing posts has now become early nights going to be with the kids. Pregnancy can do that to a person. Night owls like me quickly become like babies when it comes to bedtime, needing to go to bed quite early. And so I’m playing a different type of catch-up ~ that of rest and growing a baby.

With so much happening, I’m also happy that our new location in SoCo is absolutely wonderful. If you’ve been or seen the pictures, it’s also much bigger than our previous one. And so I’m also working on hard at finding the absolute best products that I know you’ll love. And my check-list on what makes it is quite long, so only unique and truly special pieces are making the list. I want to make sure that we continue filling our store with what we love.

Is all about balance though isn’t it? Growing a community, growing a store, growing a family, growing a baby…and I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve, to grow and to balance.

Stay tuned for amazing things to come…

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