Phew I’m tired!

And it’s not just that we moved the store and re-opened in a new fabulous location…

Though talking about the move. Granola Babies has been online since 2005, long before many of the current diapering stores opened. It was a small shop of a few selection of cloth diapers and later in later 2009 it grew to meet our customers needs and provide a larger selection of much needed natural baby products. Then in 2010 we grew again by opening a….well what turned out to be the hub of natural parenting in our community, but actually it has started as a place to meet our customers and to host workshops since we were doing so in our home and it had become challenging to do so. Quickly though we outgrew our location and so I started to look for a new home for Granola Babies. It took many months to find our perfect home at SoCo.

So, now this brings me to the move. I had no idea that moving a tiny store would take so long! But, our new place was brand new and we had work to do. A new community room (it’s sooo comfy!) was built, a new larger storage area, the design of the retail section which was three times the size of the old one, designing custom furniture, staining, painting (using only low and zero VOC paints), repurposing furniture (reuse, reuse, reuse) and so much more. During the last week we closed the old store and worked day and night on preparing our new location. The kids were with us and were total champs, but with routines all over the place, we were all totally tired. They loved it though because they asked every day if they could come back the next day. Oh for the resilience of children…

Finally, this past Tuesday we opened the store. Aaaah what a happy moment for all of us. I’m happy to see my friends and customers again and to be meeting so many new people at SoCo. There’s so much happening at Granola Babies and it’s going to be one amazing future.

Which brings me to my first sentence and the title of this blog post. The most important part of the future for us though is the growing baby within me. The happiness my husband and three kids have at this upcoming fourth little one. Spring will be bringing so much for us all in one little package. Happy, happy times!

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