Paper Dinosaurs

Weekends are family time. On Saturdays, we have quiche, then head out to the farmer’s market and then we go to the beach or have a picnic. We try not to work during the weekend and instead spend 100% of the time with the kids. But…there was this one Saturday.

We had a big shipment of Didymos pre-ordered limited edition wraps arrive on a Friday and we knew that the mamas waiting for these had been waiting a long time. So, we took a couple of hours on Saturday to start some of the shipping.

And the kids played.

On their own, they cut up some paper “wings” and asked us to tape them on their backs. And then they flew around the living room claiming to be flying dinosaurs. With their wings on, they claimed to have fierce claws and roaring sounds. They were real dinosaurs and ones to be reckoned with. Their laughter as they played was contagious and rang around our shipping station (aka dining table). It was a working Saturday to remember.

They are normally very creative, but I got a thrill with how they took just white paper and became dinosaurs. We don’t have many toys and sometimes I wonder if my minimalist approach to toys is a good thing. But, on days like that when they have a blast using paper wings they made themselves, I can’t help believe that having less toys brings out the best of creative play.

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