Our summer herb garden

When we lived in IL (hard to believe we’ve only been in So. CA for three years!) we had a lovely garden every summer with many of our favorite vegetables and herbs. What I loved most was going out to the garden when the dew was still on the grass and walk over barefoot to pick herbs to use that day for my cooking. It was my favorite way to start the day. And so this summer here in So. CA I’ve decided to start an herb garden. And since we’re moving soon to a new city (Long Beach, CA…just 25 minutes from where live now), I made it a potted herb garden so that I can take it with me when we move.

My herb garden has some of my favorite essentials for both cooking and holistic wellness – sage, marjoram, fennel, dill, lemon thyme. I’m also growing from seeds basil and cilantro. I’ll post more pictures as it grows and as I add more herbs to our herb garden.

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