Our plans for a Handmade Christmas


This year we’re making all of our holiday decorations with the children. And for inspiration I’ve been on Pinterest (ofcourse!) and have also found some wonderful Youtube videos. I will share what I’ve found in a bit.

Luckily the park where my children take a homeschooling sports class has a lot of evergreens and so there is quite an abundance of pine cones on the ground every week. We’ve been gathering a few each week and last night we took some white paint and brushed it on the pine cones for a snowed on look. I also took some of our drinking glasses (which are jars we’ve re-used – click here how) and tied green wool yarn that I had in my crocheting basket. I also added a twig of lavender leaves from our herbal garden and a tea light candle.

A couple of weeks ago, my son crocheted a string of yarn in holiday colors and last night we draped it around the Christmas tree.  We had some ornaments that we made a couple of years ago with wooden sticks and glitter.

Right before bedtime, I made simple needle felting angels.  It really didn’t require much needle felting so I think we’ll make some more with the children today. I also have plans to make paper snowflakes today and would like to make sometime this week some twig stars to hang in the children’s room.

One big project I have is going to be wonderful for reusing the many random pieces of old puzzles we have. We’ll be making a Holiday wreath like the one below.


And here is a video made by a young lady with a lot of creativity.

Happy holidays!

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