Our new dirt pit


Oh Pinterest how I love thee. I get so many ideas from others there. And let’s face it, most kept filed away in my “when I have time I will…..” file and then there are one or two that I actually DO. This one is one of them. I loved digging in dirt as a kid, so this idea was one that was going on my “must do no matter what” file.

Our grass in our home is apparently really really gnarly grass. I mean the roots of this grass clings tightly to the dirt so my husband spent about 30 minutes to dig out this little patch of dirt, but totally worth the sweat. After it was dug up, I took some old wood we had and lined it up around the dirt pit. And then place a bucket next to it so they can play with water. Goal #1 for this pit is to replace that bucket with a tin one. I also took out some camping plates and threw them in there as well. And then I stepped away, didn’t mention the dirt pit, besides a “oh, it’s there now” and watched as the kids went to play. They play in there now a few times a week, making mud pies and just digging up and getting muddy.

It’s been a good addition to our little yard. Now, next up is making a space for fairy house building.

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