Our last move for a long, long time

Phew! I’m catching up these days after our recent move. Let me catch you up on that —

The day my 4th baby was born, we signed on a house. It was one of those houses that has good “bones” but you have to use your imagination to see what it can made into. By imagination, I mean A LOT of imagination. The little house needed a ton of work. And so within a couple of weeks of having given birth, renovation started on our little house. It took 9 weeks and finally it was done enough to move into. And so we did exactly that. Packed up and moved into the house! We are minimalists, we don’t have a lot of “stuff” so we did the move ourselves and yet it took two days to finish it. And that same weekend, I also came to the store to teach a 5 hour Labor Skills and Techniques. Shhh…don’t tell my husband this but I loved being able to sneak away to teach a class I love and then come back to missing out in 5 hours of unpacking (our wonderful sitter and friend had unpacked my kitchen).   Best of both worlds!

And now it’s been almost a week and a half since the move and we’re getting settled into our little house. Notice how I keep saying “little house”. Oh yes, it’s tiny alright! But if you noticed as well, we’re minimalist so we’re as happy as can be!

Now time for me to get on trimming my daughter’s curtains.

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