Our herbal bar…how it all began.

Herbal Bar at Granola Babies

It all started one day while I was placing my online order for more dried Chamomile flowers. While adding it and other herbs to my online shopping cart, I thought…why can’t I get these locally? How nice would it be to be able to go to a store and just buy what I need. There must be one somewhere locally. So, off to googleland I went to search for such a place. Having found none on google, I went to my social media (twitter, facebook) and asked there where I could get some dried herbs locally. To my surprise…there wasn’t a place I could walk in and buy my dried herbs.

Well that had to change. And so I started writing down plans on how to add an herbal bar at the store. And my scribbles and written visions soon flourished into our herbal bar for Prenatal and Postpartum at Granola Babies. We rearranged the store, bought our supplies, our adorable chalk labels that we love, I wrote our herbal bar menu, gave some suggestions for various ailments and we’ve now opened it for others as well.

Finally there’s a place where others like me can walk in, see the herbs, learn about them, smell them, try them, buy what they need…all at Granola Babies. And each herb was purchased with pregnancy through postpartum in mind, including both mothers and children.

This is just the  beginning as our herbal bar will also harmonize with our aromatherapy bar coming this Fall. And we’ll also be stocking both with DIY items such as jars, bottles, beewax and more.

Come and visit our herbal bar on your next stop down this area!

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