Orkney, Igloolik and Ningaloo Vatanais

Vatanai Orkney, Igloolik and Ningaloo are three beautiful woven wraps by Vatanai. Orkney is on the top woven wrap shown and it has beautiful turquoise colors in the labyrinth pattern. Then there’s Ningaloo which is on the Vatanai whales pattern using the same colors as Orkney. It’s the middle wrap in the picture and showing the contrasting side so you’re seeing the lighter turquoise as well that is on the other side of Orkney. And finally there’s Igloolik which is also in the whales pattern but using darker blues.

Vatanai woven wraps are our favorite for summer wrapping and those in warmer climates around the year. Vatanai is such a unique woven wrap since it’s thinner than other woven wraps but not so thin (like gauze which I’m not a fan of) that it’s no longer supportive. Vatanai is supportive, easy to wrap with which also makes it one of my favorites to demonstrate with and teach new wrappers. As an experienced wrapper myself, I also like Vatanai because it glides so well while wrapping.

Vatanai also has other unique color combinations like the Chartres which has a golden-like cream color on one side and a denim blue on the other also in the labyrinth pattern.

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