One short wrap, two kids, two carries

The OC Fair comes only once a year. And it lasts a few weeks, but we only go for one of those days as a family and we spend hours at the Fair. However, I have small kids, so they do tend to tire out after a while and though we take a stroller for the older ones, sometimes they want to be carried by mama. What baby carrier do I take for days like that? One and one only – a short woven wrap.

A short woven wrap is so versatile, it rolls up small, and it can be used as a baby carrier, as well as a blanket when needed.

About a hour into the Fair, my two year old wanted to be carried, so I took the wrap and put him on my hips in a Rebozo carry.

Then later, my 4 1/2 (yes that’s FOUR AND A HALF) son also wanted to be carried, so for him, I took the short wrap and put him on my back in a Rucksack tied under the bum.

I tend to keep two baby carriers in my car – a ring sling and a short wrap (or long wrap as I can do even more with it). Another carry that I like to do with a short wrap is a RRRR. Yesterday, it also was used when we went to a baby fair and I used it to carry my 2 1/2 year old in that carry.

Happy wrapping!

– written by Giselle Baturay, The Granola Mama

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