On any given morning

Our mornings begin full. Lunches to be prepared, breakfast to be made, toys to play with, kids to be dressed, beds to be made, a day to prepare for. My husband and the two older kids are up first as they prepare for school. I get to sleep in with the little one in my bed. The night before I write a “menu” for the children’s lunches which my husband prepares as he makes them breakfast, which is usually either homemade granola that I made the night before, hard boiled eggs with toast, or Turkish-style grilled cheese sandwiches (yes…for breakfast). And right before they leave for Waldorf school, my little one wakes up and we stroll into the kitchen together as he finishes any left over breakfast and I help my husband with any last things to do. And then I begin the clean up of the breakfast and start preparing one for me and the little one.

Like so many families around the globe also beginning their day, mornings don’t always go smoothly. And so here is a glimpse on any given morning.


an unfinished breakfast

toys on the floor…where they seem to live most of the day.

a boy who leaves picking up for something just a little more interesting right now.

the breakfast pan that needs to be cleaned…may actually happen however sometime closer to lunch.

the cup of morning tea that never quite has a chance to be finished.

the boy who insists that jumping off the sofa right after breakfast is yes a very good idea.

lunches packed.

messes to clean.

and the reason why mornings can be my most favorite time of the day.

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