October Frugal Tips

Every month we’ll ask our fans on our Facebook Page for frugal living tips and post the answers here. Here are easy savings tips from everything from meal planning to laundry.

Gift Giving

I requested unwrapped hand-me-downs at my baby shower rather than registry items. My friends with kids got to clear out their closets & garages and my friends without kids got to hit the thrift stores with zeal. As gifts arrived, we put them on display for all to see. Then we were able to focus on visiting and, of course, the eating!! – Krista


I make a two week meal plan that I just reuse every two weeks (one day a week I have an anything day to try out new recipes etc, but my kids are picky). I go shopping for the nonperishable stuff once a month, then the perishable stuff weekly. It saves us SO much money! – Korin

I’ve been making my own yogurt. It’s much cheaper than even buying plain yogurt from Costco! It tastes better fresh too. – Sara

Monthly Menu Planing & double/triple cookings ->freezing dinner portions. Paperless Kitchen! – Deanna

I buy family size packages of ground meat and cook it all at once. Then I freeze it in meal sized portions (2c=1lb of meat). Then I can make chili,spaghetti, tacos, etc very very fast. Saves money since I pay less per LB for the meat and on a busy night I can make dinner fast instead of ordering takeout – Megan

My frugal tip is to garden! It is so easy, fun, money saving, and better tasting (not to mention better for your health). A bag of seeds costs about $2 and just one seed produces so much food. For beginners, I would recommend starting with seedlings your first year until you get the hang of things and then try growing from seeds the following year. – Charlene

Making your own beans is easy and saves you $ vs. canned beans. We make a pot of beans each week and use it for side dishes, bean dip , beans and eggs and bean soup! – Giselle

My savings tip is freezing in season fruit to use for smoothies. Those bags of frozen fruit are so expensive. – Kristine

Laundry & Cleaning

I skip the dryer in the warm months and line dry everything. If I get complaints about “crunchy” clothes I throw the line dried clothes in the dryer with no heat and some dryer balls for 5 minutes to soften them up. – Shannon

I cloth diaper and am trying to use Rockin’ Green to clean rather than other cleaners.  Rockin’ Green has a 51 days of clean email where they email uses for their detergent.  I got a spray bottle for under $2 and put some water and Rockin Green in and use that to clean stuff now. :) – Briana

Use white vinegar instead of liquid fabric softener. (And no, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar when they come out of the dryer!) – Laura G.

We make our own cleaning products. Check the book Clean House, Clean Planet for 100s of “recipes” for cleaning products using baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, and essential oils. – Isabel


I throw my diaper liners in the wash & any that survive, I reuse. – Evey

Save a *ton* on diapers by practicing Elimination Communication starting at birth or shortly after! – Monica

Bath and Body

Turn soaps into foaming soaps! First you need the foaming bottle which is like $2 or so (for hand soaps like dial and softsoap, which you can probably just buy for the bottle) and use that soap up. Then when its all gone, I use a ratio of 4:1 water to soap (so like 80% distilled water, 20% soap) then when I begin using it I adjust if it needs more water or soap. I’ve done this with handsoap, and body wash such as california baby and organic shea  in the earth mama angel baby bottle and its been over a year and I still have about half of 1 one left to mix up  – Elizabeth

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