OC Pregnancy & Beyond Fair 2012

OC Pregnancy & Beyond 2012

Wow, it’s one full day after the OC Pregnancy & Beyond Fair and I still am riding high on the amazing energy that filled the OC Pregnancy & Beyond Fair yesterday. The vision I had started last year to provide pregnant and mothers a day of education and resources grew from a small gathering to a day of over 500 attending. It was a day filled with beautiful families, exhibitors with hearts and passions to serve their community and so many enjoyed what turned out to be a beautiful, beautiful day.

This year I had the joy of co-organizing OC Pregnancy & Beyond with a very special person – Stephani of Xpecting Maternity. Stephani has the most fabulous maternity store in all of Orange County. She hand selects each and every piece at her store and provides a service that is unique and so needed in our community. Thank you Stephani ~ it was fun to do this together.

Our sponsors this year were amazing. Stephani and I both thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Much thanks to ~ Fitlosophy, Blossom Orange County, South Coast Midwifery, Squarespot, Transitions in Motherhood, Couture Paintings, Berlin Wellness Group, Birdies Bakery, Lindsey Kliewer Photography, Orbit Baby, Your Doulas, The Parent Tree, Ritual Cleanse, Bumbleride, Boba Carrier, Knocked up Fitness, Bella B, Morgan Group, Safety in Motion, Erin Tukua Photography, Beco Baby Carrier, Beach Cities Midwifery, Lisa Scarsi Photography, Avanti, BuggyLOVE, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Silver Spoons Baby Planner, Thriving in Motherhood, Milkalicious, SoCal Moms Connect, and Sugar Free Photography.

And now last but the most fun part of the post ~ pictures!

OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-43 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-7 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-13 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-45 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-26 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-10 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-24 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-44 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-29 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-22 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-1 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-21 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-19 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-16 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-28 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-15 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-12 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-36 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-11 OC Pregnancy & Beyond 2012 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-4 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-32 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-27 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-18 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-17 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-31 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-25 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-42 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-20 OC-Pregnancy&Beyond-6

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