Northern CA Women’s Herbal Symposium

Oh, how do I start. I don’t even know. I am still flying high in the skies from the Northern CA Women’s Herbal Symposium. Where do I start…

We drove 9 hours to get there. My husband and two of my boys camped about 10 miles north of where we were and I attended the Symposium with my daughter, Lora and my baby.  Men are not allowed at the camping site, the beautiful, blissful, peaceful camping site…oh I digress, so I hauled all of our camping gear there with baby in a wrap and set up the tent and our camping site. Originally, I had wanted to stay in one of the tipis that were set up, but we didn’t make it in time. All was well though as I really enjoyed having our tent there and our own space when we needed it.

From Friday through Monday, I was among women, sisters, friends and learned so much from each one I met. My daughter also made friends there and when Monday came, she wished the Symposium lasted all summer long. I attended classes and learned from my sisterly teachers about positive living, sustainable living, feminine wellness including herbal vaginal steams, herbal formulations, feng shui, rituals, ceremonies…it goes on.

I was among women and children all weekend and breathed in the free living of those around me, the essence of the nature that surrounded us and the love of herbs and plants.

Our meals were some of the  most delicious vegetarian gourmet meals I’ve had. We blessed each meal with songs and laughter. We savored each bite sitting by the open fire. At nights we enjoyed singing, rituals, drumming circles and gazing up at the stars. In the mornings we drank herbal tea blends for women as we warmed up in the crisp air.

When it came time to leave, I too wanted it to last. I wanted to continue in this way for days and days. But I also wanted to bring this to my community. If only a little piece of it for those around me.

I’m back at home, emails to catch up, orders to get ready to ship, work to be done but in my head is the Symposium and the many ideas of how I want to share it with the women among me. For now, I will look out my window, catch glimpses of the nature around me and think of the Symposium.

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