Natural Teething Remedies

A baby can start teething very young and it’s not uncommon for a 3 month old to be bothered by teething. And at almost every super-store there is a part of an aisle dedicated to teething relieve for baby. From teething rings (most plastics) to teething gels.

And so we now become wise shoppers, reading labels and thinking twice about putting plastic or other toxic ingredients in our baby’s mouth. For example, a popular teething gel, Baby Oragel, has an ingredient called Benzocaine that recently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public about. It has the potential to cause methemoglobinemia, which reduces oxygen intake and can cause death.

But, with a teething baby in need of some relief – what’s a parent to do?

Effective and natural teething relief:

  • A terry organic cotton washcloth that is damped, refrigerated and then given to baby to chew on will be a nice relief for teething gums.
  • Soft organic cotton toys with different textures will also give baby something to chew on for relief.
  • Breastfeeding – you’ll find your breastfeeding baby may nurse more during teething since it’s soothing for baby.
  • Wooden teethers are much better for baby than plastic teethers.
  • Amber has healing properties and when worn against the skin and near the source of pain it will provide pain-relief – that’s why Amber necklaces work wonders for teething babies.
  • Clove oil has analgesic properties and has been known to reduce teething aches. I’ve used it by rubbing clove oil diluted with carrier oil (1 drops of clove oil to 1 oz of carrier oil and used only a small amount at a time) to baby’s jawline.

With our own three kids we used a combination of these, but we also breastfed a lot through teething which provided a lot of comfort for my baby during teething. You’ll find what works best for yours and please feel free to comment on this thread if you have any questions.

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