Mother-Baby Essential Oils Class – What we made

During this past Saturday’s Essential Oils for Mother-Baby we experienced aromatherapy and discussed how each of the oils made us feel. There were five essential oils for Mother-Baby discussed in detail including recipes and uses for each oil. I covered the safety measures when using essential oils and taught the mamas how to customize their own Happy Day massage oil. At the end of the presentation, each person got to create their very own custom blend to take home to use on themselves or their babies.

The beauty of the essential oils we covered is that each had properties and uses that mothers and babies can both benefit from using. Each mother made a blend based on the purpose they wanted for the oil. An awesome grandmother made a mix that smelled so soothing – Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Mandarin. Another mother made a blend with Mandarin that was uplifting and energizing. There were other blends created – each unique and lovely.

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