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It’s still about two weeks for New Year’s Day 2012 and already I’ve been busy making plans for 2012 for Granola Babies. When you own a store or a business, it’s like your baby, so you’re always making plans for it and thinking ahead. Lately, I’ve been thinking about our events – we have lots of them. And I feel so fortunate that community leaders reach out to Granola Babies for events. It’s truly an honor to coordinate events and make plans with women that are making a positive difference in lives. In 2012 it’ll be even better as I put finishing touches on the store to make it even more welcoming to events and coordinate with our fabulous shopping plaza, SoCo Collection to host events in our beautiful courtyard by the store.

Also, now that we’re in a larger location we also have lots of space for products. However, since I’m so selective about what is offered at the store, it takes time to find just the right products. They have to be ones that I would use with my own kids, and actually the majority of products are from brands that I do use with my kids already. And being as granola as I am means that many of the products out there aren’t the type I’d bring into Granola Babies. Parents count on us for natural products and hold us to a high standard for green living – I can’t let them down by bringing products just to fill the store. So it takes time, but it’s getting there and many of our customers mention how different the store looks like each week as we receive new things that they’ve not seen before. Yet it’s things that I can stand behind and offer with pride. I’d rather fill up the store slowly this way.

And lastly and most importantly, I’ve been searching for and have finally found a fabulous team to work at the store so that my customers feel good while I’m not at the store. And in this way I can also be more with the kids. Many of you know that I’m a homeschooling mama. Balancing homeschooling with working at the store can be challenging, so now that I have amazing mamas working at the store, I feel that good knowing that the Granola Babies mamas are caring for the store just like I do. In the coming year, I’ll be working Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Friday mornings and Saturday mornings. That means I’ll have Monday all day, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursdays all day, Friday and Saturday afternoon and Sundays for my family.

My calendar is busy and my life is full. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities that I have and will continue to have in 2012 and now…back to making plans.

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