Loving each other

My first two kids are 26 months apart. Well, my son didn’t really talk much (besides baby talk) until just a couple of months ago, but yet my daughter understood what he was saying to us (and her) and would often “translate” for us. They got along ok before he learned to talk, but after he learned to talk their relationship changed to one of friendship and companionship. They play together all day long and I can’t get enough of listening to them talk to each other.

“Come on Okhan, let’s go play”
“Ok, I’m-de-elfant…raaaaaaaaa!”
“Oh no! Elephant coming, run!!!”

And off to run and play their imaginative games they go.

My son, being the younger brother, has quite an adoration for his big sister. She’s the apple of his eye and whatever she says go. He seeks to please her as much as a 2 year old can and loves her unconditionally. And she responds by being the protective sister and the captain of their games. It’s a relationship that amazes me every day and reminds me often of the one I had with my brother, who adored me growing me and I watched over him in our play and lead the way in the games we played.

This post isn’t really about babywearing, but all this is often watched while wearing their younger brother, who soaks in all of his environment and I’m sure looks forward to being a part of their special world.

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