Lingering Thursdays ~ First Soccer Trophy

My middle child, Okhan has been waiting since he was about 3 so that he could be on a soccer team. Having a father that has been a soccer fan since he was a little boy, naturally my son caught the soccer love early and wanted to play in a real team.

These past few months at the age of 5 he got to be in the local co-op soccer team with other little boys. And he loved the experience! Every Saturday, my husband and my other kids went to the weekly soccer game and every Wednesday afternoon was the soccer practice.  This went on for about two months until it was over and at the end all the kids got a soccer trophy. Okhan received his soccer trophy three days ago and hasn’t let go of it since. And so for me this is a moment I wanted to linger at a little longer because it’s one that made my boy so happy.

A boy and his trophy.

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