Life after your stretchy wrap

Most will agree that a stretchy wrap is lovely with a new baby. It’s soft, stretchy, not too wide and very forgiving. Hugs around a new baby and supports them during those early weeks. Really just lovely. But, then one day as you’re wearing your not-a-newborn-anymore baby you start to feel like the wrap is sagging the more you wear it. And you find yourself readjusting it more and more each time you wear it. And what seems like all of the sudden, your once cuddly wrap is starting to not feel so supportive anymore. And all this time, you’re wondering why because wasn’t it supposed to last you the first year of baby’s life? Well…not really. The reason is that the fabric is after all — stretchy, so it doesn’t support the weight of your growing baby as well as it did in the beginning. So, when it’s time to move to another baby carrier, we’d love to give you some comfortable baby carrier options for when it’s time to move on from your stretchy wrap to a more supportive baby carrier.

Beco Gemini

If you liked how you can cross the straps of the wrap on your back when doing a front carry, then you’ll also like this same option in the Beco Gemini at Granola Babies. It’s also organic and soft and it’s very quick and easy to put on. You can wear it with your baby from 7-35 lbs.

A feature we love is the adjusting base which allows you to make the body narrower when carrying a baby that wants his legs out but is too little for the wide base of other baby carriers.

Beco Butterfly II

Another good baby carrier to get after your baby has outgrown your stretchy wrap is the Beco Butterfly II. It has a secure inner harness that has a few benefits – allows you to switch baby and carrier from partner to partner without taking the baby out of the carrier, allows for easier back carries and lastly it allows you to put your baby in the carrier first and then both on you.

The Beco Butterfly II fits babies 8 lbs – 45 lbs, so it’s sure to be one that you’ll use for a long, long time.

Ergo Baby Carrier

While we’re not a fan of the Ergo Baby Carrier for newborns until around 4-5 months, I am a fan of the Ergo Baby Carrier for babies 5-6 months and up. The Ergo Baby Carrier has a convenient pocket which is convenient and a must for many and has nicely padded straps. Like the Beco Butterfly II, it also has a sleeping hood (removable on the Beco Butterfly II and attached on the Ergo Baby Carrier).

The Ergo Baby Carrier fits from 8-45 lbs.

Loved wrapping? You can also just get a good woven wrap to continue wrapping after your baby has out grown your stretchy wrap.

A Woven Wrap

When it comes to woven wraps, there are a lot of choices that work not just for when your stretchy wrap is no longer supportive enough but also can be used from infant and beyond. Our sister site, Piece of Cloth offers only woven wraps and here in Granola Babies we’re also fans of woven wraps, though there are more at Piece  of Cloth. You’ll need the right length for your size since woven wraps are available in various sizes to fit your frame and also for the carries you’d like to do. If you’re averaged size, you’ll be able to use a 4.5m-4.7m woven wrap, if you’re petite then a 4.0m-4.2m and if you’re plus size then a 5.2m-6m will be your length.

Babywearing can be begin at birth and continue for a long time, including into preschool age. We’ll help you carry your baby comfortably at each stage. Questions? Post here!

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