Legacy Wraps

What is a legacy wraps? Well, it’s a wrap that you plan on saving to give to your child. Some parents save a wrap (or more) that has sentimental value. And some buy a wrap in order to make it the legacy wrap. I’m in the first camp. My legacy wrap is one that is overflowing with memories. I didn’t intend for it to become a legacy wrap, but the many moments spent wearing it with my kids made is so.

I bought my Didymos Iris in 2005, after I fell in love with woven wraps. I was so happy to have it and really enjoyed using it all the time with my daughter. It was my main wrap for a while and I loved the colors of it so much. We often wore it to the beach, on walks and to the park.

When I had my second child, I wore my Didymos Iris with him as well. I remember one particular time, wearing it when he was sick. There’s nothing like being able to provide that kind of closeness when your child is not feeling well. He was right on me, warm and comforted in the wrap. He was a big baby then, but I still wore him in the cradle position and he slept like that for a long time.

And now I have my third baby. Didymos Iris is now soft, worn, and quite loved. It’s wrapped all three of my kids and the value of it to me is priceless. I have a lot more wraps than I did when I first bought Didymos Iris, but I still use my Iris with my little one.

It’s going to be the wrap I keep for my daughter, who I hope uses it with her children as well. And should she chose to not wrap, I hope it still holds a special place in her life because of all the love that was given when she was wrapped up in Didymos Iris.

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