Leave the carseat in the car

Did you know that between 2003 and 2007 there were 43,500 ER visits for babies that were hurt from car seat injuries. And the car seats….were NOT in the car. Most of the injuries were from babies that fell out of their car seats or were in the seat when it fell off a table, counter or shopping cart.

Even I did it once. I didn’t drop it, but I remember when my first was a baby, I took the infant carseat with her in it and brought it into Target and placed her on the cart while I shopped. I did that once only because I didn’t like how far from me she felt and how heavy the carseat was! That’s when I really started to use baby carriers for everything, including trips to and from a store.

Those infant carseats are heavy! Then add to that the weight of your baby. And on top of all that the awkward way in which you have to carry it. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Instead of putting yourself through that, I recommend using a good baby carrier from Granola Babies, like a Sakura Bloom ring sling, a Beco Gemini, or a comfortable woven wrap (just to name a few options!). You just put on your comfortable baby carrier, then put baby in it and off you go! And you’re hands free to do what you need to do and also to caress your baby that is also happy because he’s with you.

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