Learning to knit

My knitting progress so far.

Inspired by the idea of being able to knit really fun things for the kids, in terms of crafts and toys to play with, I am determined to learn to knit. Oh, yes I know you’re thinking….you don’t knit already!?! Because it does seem like many many of my friends knit on a regular basis and being a Waldorf homeschooling household you’d think I’d know how to knit. However, I don’t…and it’s not easy for me to comprehend knitting either.  Learning the slip knot when wrapping took me days and days. And this lovely little row of what is called “cast on” (so I’ve learned) took me nearly 45 minutes to figure out…and I’m not even sure I’ve done it correctly.

How will I learn to knit? Well, luckily my husband knows how to do basic knitting! And he’s agreed to teach me. If that’s not enough, I’m really considering a local knitting class – a very basic one.

The first project I’d like to do – once I graduate from the “cast on” stage is little squares of various solid colors for the kids to play with. I look forward to learning to do my little project and will post my progress here for those who like me aspire to knit and for you that are experts to give me feedback.

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