Learning about the Elements of Shape




This week the children learned about the elements of shape. I began the lesson with them by drawing first a straight line in the chalkboard and asking them to show me where they see straight lines in our home. They walked around pointing to straight lines – the edge of the table is a line, the coffee table has lines, the space between the refrigerator doors is a line.

Then I drew a circle and asked to show me circles in the house. They showed me how the paper roll has a circle in the middle and the clock rim is a circle and how the rim of my glass is a circle.

And after I drew a dot on the chalkboard, they showed me how the eraser top is a dot, how the clock face is a dot and how herb magnets on our refrigerator are also dots.

I did the same for angles and curve lines. And once done I told them you have all the elements of shape all around your world – you can draw anything you’d like. The aha! moment was priceless.

And for practice, I gave each paper and a Sharpie and asked them to draw a line from one edge of the paper to the other and to draw another line across that one from one edge to the other. And inside they drew the elements of shape.

Our next lesson will be practicing the elements with directed art.


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