Just GREEN It!

Did you know that Clorox owns and markets lots of “green” products? Or that there are some “green” and even “organic” products in the market that aren’t that at all? The array of so-called “green” products on the market is dizzying and often misleading. And us consumers can use a reference book that clearly lays out what is the better choice-between brands, benefits, and costs.

Well, I’m happy to let you all know of an amazing new book – Just GREEN It! by Ron and Lisa Beres, certified green building professionals (CGBP), Building Biologists (BBEC) and owners of the popular Web site www.GreenNest.com — and local to Granola Babies! The Beres explain in an easy visual format exactly which products-from household appliances and cleaning tools to food, cosmetics, and clothing-are the best for the planet and also healthy for you, your kids, your home, and your budget. Authors Ron and Lisa Beres debunk the “greenwashing” that is so prevalent in today’s marketing and teach readers how to know the difference between such confusing and often deceiving terms as “natural,” “organic,” “chemical-free,” and “non-toxic,” among others.

In addition, Just GREEN It! reveals:

  • How going green can actually save you money
  • 10 steps to a healthy nursery and bedroom
  • Ways to create a greener office environment
  • Green vacation tips
  • Surprising facts and green options that are right at your fingertips

While the Green Movement is concerned about the effects of our collective carbon footprint on the planet, the Beres’ are equally concerned with how our footprint is endangering the health and well being of each individual. And I love that! Finally, with Just GREEN It! we have a guidebook for navigating the oversaturated green marketplace.

Local to Southern California? Join me at the Just GREEN It! book launch party at SEED’s People Market on December 9th. The event is organized by Green Events (lots of amazing green living people in Southern CA!). I’ll be there and hope you’re able to make it too! RSVP here through Facebook or here through Evite.

And for everyone (in CA or worldwide) stay tuned for a Just GREEN It! Giveaway!

About the Authors:
Ron and Lisa Beres are certified green building professionals (CGBP), Building Biologists (BBEC) and owners of the popular Web site www.GreenNest.com. Ron and Lisa have appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Doctors, Fox and Friends, Discovery/Planet Green’s Greenovate, Chelsea Lately, Living Well with Montel Williams, and Lisa is a green correspondent for the Sally Jessy Raphael Radio Show. Their consulting business includes celebrities as well as Fortune 1000 companies. They live in the Los Angeles area. Please visit them at www.GreenNest.com.

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