If I could only teach them one thing

Today I thought about what I would teach my children if I could only teach them one thing in life. Only one and nothing else. I asked in my Facebook page the same question and received amazing responses. If all of us could learn and apply just one of the responses mentioned, we’d have a much better world. But, what would I teach my children? I’d teach them to be kind.

Being kind is the foundation to what brings happiness, satisfaction and peace in life. Through kindness you can make friends that you’ll treasure always and convert your enemies to friends. Through kindness we treasure family and we nurture them. And it is kindness that brings us love.

Being kind is not always easy. Especially when others are being unkind to you. And I know there will be times in their life when that will happen to them. But if they look inside of themselves and find a kind thought or do something kind for that person, they will come out strong and wiser. They will look at the experience and be a better person for having gone through it kindness.

When you’re kind, you’re giving, you’re thoughtful and sympathetic of others. You’re mindful of your environment, your planet and those around you. And when you’re kind, you pull good vibes your way and happiness easily finds you. If I could only teach my children this, I would feel that I’ve succeeded as a parent.

Simply…be kind.




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