How to Nurse in a Beco Butterfly II

Nursing in a Beco Butterfly II can be challenging because of the inner panel, but it’s doable! I just simply push aside the inner panel so that my little one can nurse. Also, most of the time I wear tops that allow me to nurse by just pushing the neckline down, but you can also lift from the bottom. The Beco Butterfly II, doesn’t provide a lot of coverage when nursing, so I use my hand as coverage when needed. Here’s a pictorial demo on how I nurse in the Beco Butterfly II.

1) Loosen the straps so that you can lower baby closer to your breast. I loosen the straps by just lifting the buckle on the sides and the releasing the straps.
2) At this point you can either push the inner panel away from your breast (as shown in picture above) or you can push the top of the inner panel down to nurse from the top.

3) Then latch your baby. I only bring baby down closer to my breast, not at breast level, so I use my hand to hold my breast higher so he can nurse. I brought my other hand around for coverage.

4) Happily nursing!

Feel free to share you own tips! :)
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