How to Make a Stetchy Wrap

It’s easy to make a stretchy wrap. You don’t even need a sewing machine! All you need is cotton knit fabric and a pair of scissors. Yes, it’s that easy. Here’s how to make a stretchy wrap:

  • Purchase 5 yards of cotton knit.
  • Trim the width to 22″-25″.

Done! You don’t need to hem or serge cotton knit, as it doesn’t fray. Though, if you like, you can serge all the way around the wrap for a more polished look.

Depending on the width of the fabric you bought, you will end up with 2-3 wraps. One of the wraps can become a gift for a friend or you can keep them both and have one to wash and one to wear. I know personally, I need more than one, as my baby has reflux and so I’m constantly washing my baby carriers.

If you would rather get a stretchy wrap already made for you and ready to use, then visit Granola Babies for the best of the best and a great color selection.

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