Honoring my daily rituals

I like my rituals. And by rituals I mean small things I do daily that are a part of my day though not in a religious way. They are things I do that are a sacred part of my day ~ an important part of my day done in steps that I tend to repeat the same way each time.

They are as simple as my morning ritual. Starting each morning with enjoying a few cuddles with my kids, a good hearty breakfast and establishing the kitchen and dining room back in order. Even this yes is a ritual for me as it’s part of the day that means so much to me even in its small way. But yet not so small as there’s something about feeding our bodies good and healthy foods right at the beginning of the day that helps set the example for the rest of what we eat during the day.

Another daily ritual of mine is making myself an herbal infusion each day. Every night I boil the water, add my herbs to my jar as I put my intention into it as well. And each morning I happily strain it, add a little honey and pour it into my glass jar that I’ll then carry around with me throughout the day. It’s a lovely treat for me that also happens to give me medicinal benefits each day.

And again in the afternoon there’s one when we get home from work and school all together. Based on how I’m feeling and how the children are feeling, I grab one of my essential oils, add it to my candle light diffuser, add a little water and light a small candle for the diffuser. It really helps set the tone for the afternoon and again a very enjoyable part of my day. Just thinking about that one makes me happy.

There are more that I do and each one a sacred part of my day. Especially as a mother, as a woman, I believe in the importance of doing daily rituals (or routines) that makes us happy, that are about us, that no matter how busy we get, we make them happen. As mothers we tend to care for others above ourselves and in these rituals I make sure that I am also taken care of both physically and emotionally.

I encourage you to begin your own rituals as well. Make them special for you and meaningful for you and something you do every day as part of your day. Enjoy!


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