Homeschooling: What happens to plastic garbage in dirt?

My kids are obsessed with recycling. They’ll often go around saying “reduce, reuse, recycle!” and have been known to go through our garbage to find something they can reuse. Isn’t it something how many lessons our kids can teach us?

We’re a homeschooling family that believes in following their interest in learning, so we’ve been focusing on learning about our planet and the affects of plastic in it and the importance of keeping plastic use to a minimum and keeping it out of our landfills.

Anyone that shops at Granola Babies knows how we avoid plastic by using wooden toys, and eating from stainless steel and glass dishes, as well as avoiding plastic use in particular with diapering. It all stems from our desire to protect our planet and to show our children how we can live without plastic.

This is a project that focuses on how waste such as apple can be decomposed and how plastic stays the same and does not decompose. And it’s a project that can be replicated for all children of all educational paths.


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