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Homeschooling is truly such an amazing journey to be in. As a family, we homeschool for many reasons, but something we also enjoy are the many resources available to homeschooling families. And so in this blog post I’ll gather homeschooling resources – some of my own favorites and some contributed by other homeschooling families. Not only will this be a way for me to keep all my resources in one place, but it’ll help many other families as they go through this journey too. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Tiffany Bellah of barefootOCmama for contributing so much to this blog post.

Recommended reading

  • How Children Learn by John Holt
  • The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith
  • The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Soule

Craft Activities

Planning & Online Resources


Homeschool Help Online – Worksheets
Print Activities
Magic Tree House

Curriculum Suppliers


Music & Visual Arts

Online Activities & Interactive Programs

Just plain cool (barn owl cameras)

Some favorite blog posts

Want to keep chickens?

And of course if you are local to OC

Fun Orange County Parks — OC kids playgrounds and outdoor play ideas

Charter Schools

Charter schools all provide either funds, learning centers, curriculum, activities, oversight- or some varying combination of these things. Teachers, (Education Specialists) meet with parents to assist them in creating a learning record for the children enrolled as students. Here are some of the local favorites:

An even more comprehensive list can be found here.

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