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I met my friend Honi of Holeco Life at an Evolue event in Los Angeles. And I found her to be genuine, fascinating and passionate about creating holistic eco-beauty products for both women and teenage girls. I’ve never met someone like Honi before and so I’d like to also introduce you all to Honi and Holeco Life through this interview. Stay tuned mamas of young ones as there are a couple of questions in this interview with you in mind. Enjoy!

Can you tell us more about Holeco Life and how it all began?

Holeco Life is a luxury eco-conscious line of all natural body care products, cosmetic makeup and superfoods that is hand-made with love using the highest quality of organic ingredients, natural preservatives that is free from synthetic chemicals, designed to promote health and restore balance to daily life. The entire line is mindfully created with awareness of kindness to animals in the heart, thus being vegan. Holeco girls is my latest inspiration and is the first holistic wellness beauty model of its kind designed to empower pre-teen girls about the importance of eco-beauty and it’s connection to eco-living.

How it all began? Well, the very short version is that I was inspired after becoming awakened 11 years ago via the birth of my first son who had experienced endocrine disturbance in his body that ultimately impacted my own health. From a very dark place in my life, this wonderful light merged which in 2006 was the driving force behind my desire to create the first green recognized Medi Spa and Healing Center in the US recognized by Green America where I could use this center as a vehicle of education. Then onto creating my own product line.

Here is the full version of how I begun if you wanted to know personally.

What kind of products do you offer at Holeco Life?

We offer personal care products (i.e. body lotions, washes, oils, bath herbs, travel kits) make up (raw mascara, eye shadows, eye liners, lip glosses, foundations, concealers) therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils and floral waters (including chakra oils), soy candles, organic teas, raw chakra chocolates, and specific line dedicated to tween girls.

What’s your favorite at Holeco Life?

ALL of course. I absolutely LOVE my product line on a physical, mental and spiritual level as it has high vibration with the love that is poured into it from a deep place of inspiration. I use everything myself in my life. The eco-raw mascara is especially very SPECIAL to me as it is truly very difficult to get a clean mascara that just ROCKS without toxins and I am delighted it is now available for people.

A lot of our readers have young babies, which of your products would you recommend for their little ones?

Absolutely the Eco-Herbal Tea Body Lotion: This is so healing and the essential oils that I have put it in is minimal yet extremely beneficial with complete balancing and nourishing at the same time. We have had a testimony form a parent stating that his son’s fungus was not going away despite all the medical treatments they had sought. It was our eco-herbal tea body lotion that healed the fungus.  I would also highly recommend the eco-floral water of Neroli : i absolutely LOVE the healing benefits of Neroli water as with one spray, the serotonin activity in the brain lowers and allows us to rest with peace & ease. It has such beautiful and gentle blissful scent. I use essential oils for myself and my children all the time. I have learned so much about the therapeutic benefits of them and that is what is used for uplifting, calming, balancing, detoxing and…etc.

And now for mama – what are your eco-beauty tips for busy moms?

THANK YOU for asking this Giselle and I am delighted to answer this as it touches my heart. As mothers we are over extended by giving so much and forgetting to receive. It is very important that as mothers we recognize the flow of energy in giving and receiving. When we prioritize our well-being first, we have nourished ourselves and from this grounding place, we then can give and take amazing care of our children as it is balanced and we are not depleted. I teach meditations nationally and highly recommend daily meditation even 5 minutes. I have taught women over the last 6 years how to even take this 5 minutes during their morning cleansing, moisturizing routine by slowing it down in the application process, smiling along the way, recognizing the nourishment taking place, saying a positive affirmation in the beginning of the day, massaging the ear lobes (this releases all tension build up in the organs) and taking DEEP conscious breaths to stay PRESENT in the golden moments to take notice of all the blessings.

We understand you have a new inspirational children’s book coming out. Can you tell us what it is about and where we can find it?

Absolutely. The book is called “The Day I Became a Superhero” and it is a true story of a seven year old girl who experiences a superhuman power in a fatal car crash. It is a memoir that is as relevant for children as it is for adults told from a seven year old perspective that demonstrates how this girl found her inner strength in a time when she really needed it. It will be released early September in duel language of English and Spanish and soon in other languages which will transform and inspire many lives. I will begin book tour early Fall and all information will be shared on my Facebook page and my upcoming new website www.HoniBorden.com .

Thank you Honi!

– written by Giselle Baturay, the Granola Mama

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