Hiking after baby – how babywearing makes it possible

Written by Mary Schramm

The two little lines on the pregnancy test were quite a shocker, but after 2 more tests I knew those little plastic sticks were not lying to me and we were going to have a baby! Quite a surprise and such a blessing. Within moments I was counting fingers and figuring out just exactly how little “two liner” would change the outdoor Colorado life I enjoy so dearly. September-May: snowboarding – out, cross country skiing – in; trail running – out, walks around the lake – in; ice skating – out, snow shoeing in. I knew that being active outdoors did not have to end when I became pregnant and I was hopeful that when my little one arrived we could still pursue the life we love, just in a different way.

Six weeks after our little girl Finley was born, it was time. We had received a Beco Butterfly II soft structured baby carrier as a gift, the Colorado weather was perfect and I was healed enough from my emergency cesarean to enjoy some mountain scenery. After we decided on a moderate section of the Colorado Trail on Kenosha Pass, we packed up a lunch, a few cloth diapers, gave the baby a quick “top off” for the trip and headed out.

Arriving at the trailhead I loaded Finley in to the Beco, my husband donned the backpack and off we went. Finley was asleep in about 3 seconds and we enjoyed the mellow climb as well as the other hikers that stopped to comment on our little baby girl. About an hour into the hike I was starving and the baby was starting to get a little restless, feeding time! We settled down in a scenic meadow, unstrapped the baby, adjusted a little to nursing a baby in the great outdoors and within no time we were all enjoying our lunch. After an easy diaper change (thankfully only wet) we were back on the trail and headed to a scenic overlook. Overall our hike lasted about 3 hours and was great for the soul of a new mom and dad and great to know that our little girl could adapt to our lifestyle without much hassle.

Our next goal this summer is a camping trip, we’ll see how Finley likes S’more milk.

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