He’s a 1 Year Old

Yesterday my youngest turned 1 years old. Seriously…where did the time go? It seems to have passed so quickly.

Labor with him was quick too. He was born in less than three hours of labor. It was my most intense birthing experience. I labored at home for the most part and made it to the hospital 10 minutes before he was born. A few hours after his birth, we went home to enjoy our new baby. I have to say that the babymoon with Evren was the best I’ve had yet. My mother was there for three weeks and my husband was there the first week. I worried for nothing at all and my only job was to stay in bed with my new baby and rest, bond, and breastfeed him. I absolutely loved it.

Once it was time to leave my cozy bedroom and get into daily life of mothering three small kids, I relied on babywearing to help me be there for my older kids while still caring for the baby. We were able to do back carries , as well as nurse in a sling. Evren was a baby carried the grand majority of the day. And he proved wrong the comments I hear often about how a carried baby needs to practice things like rolling and have tummy time. He crawled at 5 months, cruised furniture at 6 months and was walking and running at 9 months. Hmmm..that could explain why I feel he’s grown so fast this year.

So, here we are. One year has past. It’s early morning the day after his birthday. He is sleeping on me, worn in my Bamberoo Neobulle Julie mei tai as I type this blog post. To me he still seems like a little baby. And all day I repeated, “I can’t believe he’s 1.” But yet, I look forward to this new year of his life and watching him grow….just not too fast.

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