Happy New Year 2012!

It’s a New Year and my heart is filled with gratitude.  I am thankful that I’ve been blessed with three treasures that I adore ~ my daughter Lora, my son Okhan and my youngest Evren. I’m thankful for my husband Bora and the love he gives me and our family. And I’m thankful for the opportunities that come my way and the doors that we open through Granola Babies.

Granola Babies will continue to grow in 2012 with more eco-friendly and unique products, some which are exclusive to Granola Babies in OC. There’s a quite a lot of new things coming to Granola Babies this year, but to name a few we’ll offer natural parenting books including The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule and Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl. We’re also adding new toy lines like Plan Toys, as well as handmade toys for your little one. And we’ll proudly continue offering comfortable and ergonomically correct baby carriers such as the locally made Beco Baby Carrier, Vatanai Woven Wraps, which we exclusively offer in the USA, as well as our upcoming exclusive Didymos woven wrap.

This year we’ll offer customized and exclusive classes and events unlike any in Orange County.  We’re proud to be partnering with established and new like-minded businesses and community leaders in events and collaborations. It’s going to be an exciting time at Granola Babies and we’re so happy to be sharing this time with you.

In the blog we’ll be featuring guest blog posts, as well as introducing you to amazing women who have made a difference in the natural living community around the world.

And in our family we’ll continue our homeschooling journey while still making sure to meet the needs of our children and their individual style of learning. And balance our busy lives to continue to spend quality time with each other and enjoy the outdoors and nature.

It’s going to be a good year…let the journey begin.

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