Happy Birthday Okhan

Happy birthday my son. You are three years old today. I love you more each day and your sweet and giving heart is a guide to me. You are so amazing. I love how you give up your toy to either of your siblings just to not see them upset. I love how when I am still for even a second, you come to me to curl up and cuddle. I love that you hold my head and pull me in for kisses. And I love that you tell me how much you love me. You are beautiful. The cutest thing you do now is pretending to be a dinosaur every day. And you are such a good one! Even walking like a dinosaur and insisting you are not Okhan…but a dinosaur. The admiration you have for your sister is something that always reminds me of how I was with my own sibling. I love how you like telling me stories and that they always begin with “once upon a time….”. I love you my son and am so lucky to be your mother. Happy birthday Okhan!

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