Happy 5th Birthday Okhan

Happy birthday Okhan

Happy birthday my handsome sweet boy! I can’t believe you are today 5 years old. So many parents have told me how quickly it goes and they’ve been so right. You were just born in what feels like yesterday. I remember when you were just a little baby, so big and chunky. You always had a smile on your face and you were so funny with your straight hair sticking straight up in the air. I think of you and your kind heart shines through. You are so thoughtful and perceptive of feelings and emotions. Ever since you were a baby you’ve been an active little boy – always on the go. And with your complex mind you impressed us early on when we found that at such a young age you loved figuring out puzzles that were meant for children much older than you. You’re a mystery and a marvel to me and I simply adore you. My son…don’t grow up to fast. These first five years seem like a fast train and I want to slow it down. But, on this day I celebrate you, your birth and being your mother. Happy  birthday my Okhan.

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