Happy 3rd Birthday Evren

You were born so intensely and so powerful in what turned out to be a very short labor of just under 3 hours. You were by far my most intense birth experience with each contraction coming strongly right after each other. With me was your Baba and my dear friend Stephanie who was our doula. And her massages were such a comfort to me, as I was barely able to catch a breath between contractions. You were truly so intense in your labor.

When it was time for us to go to the hospital to birth with our midwife, I began to push during the drive there. And when we arrived, in between breaths, I tried to tell the nurses that you were coming now, since the midwife had not yet arrived. The nurses with their routines didn’t realize how much I knew that you were about to be born and so they said they just needed to check for the baby’s heart beat. And somehow I was able to gather just enough humor to say quickly and loudly – “You’ll check his heartbeat soon because he is coming NOW!”  Just then your Baba pointed to the tip of your head and the midwife ran in just in time to be there to catch you as I pushed you out in a couple of final strong and powerful pushes. Your body emerged out like a river and you were placed on me, cord attached, while I held you, admired you and breathed in your beautiful scent.

We loved you so much, but we didn’t have a name for you. So we left the hospital a few hours later with your sister, who had been at the birth, and you, perfect, yet with no name. For two weeks we took our time seeing if you were a “Marco” or a “Evren”. And though me and your Baba thought you might just be a “Marco”, your sister strongly felt you were “Evren” and corrected us each and every time we called you by any other name. “He’s Evren, don’t you know, he’s Evren?” She would say to us. And when we realized that yes she did infact know that you were Evren, we too began to call you by your name. Evren. My sweet Evren.

I thought you were going to be a quiet and laid back boy. You were so easy to care for and even slept most of the night, and I was not used to that! I was so surprised to get so much sleep while having a newborn. But as you grew you were anything but a quiet and laid back boy. You were an active and fast growing boy – crawling at 5 months, walking at 8 months and running at 9 months! And you’ve been an active, wild, adventurous boy every since and I have loved every minute of it.

Now as you enter your 3rd year of life, I look forward to what adventures you’ll bring me to and what experiences we’ll share. Happy birthday my son. Happiest of birthdays.

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