Happier Mamas & Babies with Flower Essences

Cedar loving his elixir

Flower essences are a tremendous support during all of the life changes taking place during pregnancy, birth, and parenting. They are fast-acting and effective, yet gentle, as they work through the body’s acupuncture meridians, targeting emotions and state of mind. Different from essential oils, they don’t have a scent, and are totally safe for mom and baby during pregnancy.

During pregnancy specifically, flower essences can eliminate fears about giving birth, enhance bonding between mother and child, calm and soothe the nerves, help both mama and baby have less stress during birth, increase confidence level, lift the mood, and elevate state of mind. After giving birth, flower essences are supremely effective at dissolving post-partum blues and enhance energy levels.

Flower essences are taken orally–5 drops under the tongue, 5 times each day, or you can put 25 drops in your water bottle and drink it throughout the day. Most people feel a significant difference in their mood or state of mind within 4-5 days of regular use. If you are pregnant or nursing, your baby will also get the benefits of the flower essences that you are taking!

Flower essences can also be used with little ones during teething pains, colic, and even to help regulate sleep cycles. From birth until 6 months, you can place the 5 drops of flower essences in your hand and then gently apply to your baby’s crown. Alternatively, you can use a flower essence mist, and mist lightly in the space around your baby (being careful not to mist in their eyes). After little ones are 6 months or older, they can take the flower essences in the mouth, and boy do they love them! Babies and children are super receptive to flower essences.

There are many different kinds of flower essences. We have six really easy-to-understand formulas that make the selection process simple. Each blend has 5 different flower essences that induce states of mind like joy, peace, love, relaxation, inspiration, and energy. Check out the photos below to see how flower essences can enhance your mood and your baby’s too!

– written by guest blogger Katie of Lotus Wei.

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