Giving back for gentle births

Last year Robin Lim, giving midwife and an inspiration to many was recognized by CNN as 2011 Hero of the Year. CNN had never received so many votes and that year was the most watched Heroes awards show ever for CNN. The birth community had spoken and Robin Lim was named Hero of the Year.

As a Pregnancy & Postpartum Educator I admire, honor and respect Robin Lim in so many levels. Earlier this year, I screened her powerful documentary “Guerilla Midwife” at Granola Babies with local birth keepers not realizing that a few months later, I would have the honor of hosting Robin Lim at Granola Babies.

Last night as I listened to Robin Lim share stories and fill the room with her gentle presence I fell in love with her even more. Her giving heart and her dedication to helping women in much needed areas to give birth naturally and in a safe and comfortable environment is truly inspiring. Robin’s work is one of love and passion and one whose efforts are made possible through sponsors that give of themselves to help women have gentle births.

And so starting this month, I will be hosting fundraising raffles throughout the year to raise funds to Bumi Sehat, the non-profit created by Robin Lim that provides gentle birth services, midwifery training and community outreach.  Please stay tuned for details. And keep believing in this time ~ it’s a wonderful time in our lives as we improve birth options, build a sisterhood, and help families around the world.

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