Giving Baby Carriers to Babywearing Groups

I was a babywearing group leader for years and I know how much time and effort leaders and groups give voluntarily to help parents learn to use comfortable baby carriers with their little ones. Babywearing groups provide such a wonderful service in their community and I love finding ways to give to baby carriers to them as much as I can.

Our small business, Granola Babies, is a community resource around the world as well as a boutique. And it’s an honor to help support my family and provide family-friendly jobs in our community doing something that I love. And I’m thankful for the support that I’ve received through babywearing groups that recommend Granola Babies because they know that every single baby carrier we have is there because of comfort, quality and support. And so I want to continue thanking Babywearing Groups by offering a way to receive a free baby carrier for their group lending library.

It’s so easy – basically when members of a Babywearing Group place a total of 6 orders of $95 or more at Granola Babies their group will receive a free baby carrier! I’m looking forward to helping build lending libraries, support Babywearing Groups and encourage parents to love babywearing.

Learn how your group can earn a baby carrier here!

Happy babywearing!

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