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My friend Lyndsey is the photographer behind Jack & Lola Photography and not too long ago I had the pleasure of getting photographed by her and getting to know her even more. Lyndsey has a creative eye and the ability to capture real and memorable moments with you. But, what makes her really special is her fun and playful personality. It’s the type of personality that makes you feel so comfortable you smile naturally and truly enjoy your photo session with Jack & Lola Photography.

How did Jack & Lola Photography come to be?

In some ways, it always was. Photography runs in the family. My grandfather, Lee Tanner, had an incredible career as a Jazz musician photographer working with the greats, like Dizzy Gallespie. His talent has always inspired me. How my grandfather, this darling little man, pack such grainy, raw emotion into black and white images of artists playing their heart out, was a tale I loved hearing about during my summers with them in Berkeley. These images filled their home…I responded to that. So I’ve tried to walk a bit in his footsteps and photograph emotion playing its heart out where I see it–in children. I was a nanny for 13 years, specializing with infants and toddlers and a Montessori teacher before I had my first child this year. I’d stay with my nanny families til around 3 years of age and move on. HARD. I’d take with me the photos of the memories and love we built in our time together; a lifeline to a past I held so dear. In 2008 my husband gave me my first DSLR (fancy non-film camera) as a wedding gift (thank you hubs), and it has since not left my paws. I practiced on everything, my cats (the Jack and Lola namesakes), my family and friends, and mostly two small buddies I nannied up until I launched full time. I have the schooling under my belt, but really, nothing prepares you for real life children. And while I learned my craft, I was confident that this was my path, if I were brave enough…because it’s the honest culmination of everything I’ve ever loved.

You’re also a mom…how has that influenced your photography?

I value my job in a different way now. Like so many moms, my son’s first month is mostly documented on my iphone. I could not put him down. I could not walk away. I can distinctly recall the fear that if I move he might stop doing the insanely amazing thing he had just done and I’d miss it!? So when I finally did dust off the camera, a crushing guilt filled me. SO MUCH MISSED! It was then that I felt what it was my clients are looking for–more than the perfect smiles, outfits, lighting, behavior…etc., it was to take a note this moment in time, their most precious thing in the world as they are right now. That may mean I include an adorable scowl in their collection or a little cut on their knee…it’s them, perfect as they are, right now. As a mother time is our ememy. My job is to take time and stop it, for days when you might need remembering.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very candid. I want images of my clients to seem natural and to shine with the personalities of their family. I suppose journalistic is technically my photographic style, but I love to listen to my client’s story, and it is there that I get a feel for their personal style. Through our first phone consultation, I will establish a creative for each client that speaks to who they are as a family using color and space. The end product is photos of my clients and their family as I see and feel each of them.

What are some of your favorite moments as a photographer?

The first time I took my infant son’s portrait. I was a mess, tired, alone all day, still in my PJ mom uniform, and the light broke through the November clouds and streamed into the bedroom where we were napping. It was like going to church, just he and I and a truly memorable moment.

The first time I shot and developed my own film. It was an image of my foot I’d taken on accident that I still have in a frame. A reminder of the perfection in little mistakes.

Photographing my best friend during the birth of her daughter and the shot of her face seeing her darling baby girl for the first time.

When my mom saw my logo and cried and said she always knew I would do this.

The first time someone told me I was good at what I did, and that I should quit art school and just do it. That conversation changed my life.

The first time I saw my work on a big canvas in a client’s home.

My photo session with Jack & Lola Photography. Thanks Lyndsey!

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