Getting Moving


 Having four kids and a business means I have very little “me” time.  And very little “me time” these last few years has meant very little exercise besides chasing little ones.  But as I turned 40 years old this year, I made it a resolution to make a way to work out.

And lately, I’ve done just that. I plan out the night before lunches and snacks, put finishing touches to them in the morning, I’ve made a weekly breakfast menu and at times even set my oven to turn on at a specific time (for when I’m baking something for breakfast). I’ve laid out clothes the night before and basically streamlined our mornings so that I can have the extra time to go for a brisk walk in the beautiful park a few blocks from my house.

Being able to get moving has been so fulfilling for me. I would even go as far to say that it’s made me a better mother. The first day I went for a walk, I had literally the best day I’ve had in forever. Everything, I mean, everything just fell into place. Those endorphins were working big time for me. I really wish I had done it earlier!

Currently, I go for a walk four days a week. Starting this week, I’ll be riding my bike to the local gym to work my upper body with weights and next week, I’ll do yoga once a week. Super excited for this and loving how it’s becoming part of my life. And one I plan to keep for as long as possible. Good feeling.


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