Getting both sides of the vaccinations decision

We don’t vaccinate our children. Yet, I’m not anti-vaccinations. I strongly feel that each parent is their child’s best expert and so it’s up to each parent to decide what is best for their child. However, I also believe that decisions should be informed decisions. Learn both the good and the bad and then decide. The majority of pediatricians will give you the “Why”, yet it’s really hard to get the “Why not”. And so quarterly we host a workshop by Dr. Pamela Middleton and Dr. Bill DeMoss called “Vaccinations from a Holistic Approach” also called  called “Immunization: The truth behind the myth.”  Both Dr. Middleton and Dr. DeMoss give a passionate, information-filled workshop on why not to vaccinate and alternatives to vaccinating. After this workshop, parents are then able to take all the information they’ve received from both sides and better make this important decision for their child and their family.

It’s a full house whenever we host this workshop. I believe information should be easy to get, so we offer it complimentary for parents.

Parents at Granola Babies workshop.

Standing room only.

Learn, be educated and make informed decisions.

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