FuzziBunz has new colors!

Have you seen the new FuzziBunz colors? They were announced late last week and then retailers were able to order them this morning…early morning! I love FuzziBunz pocket diapers. Most of my diapers are actually FuzziBunz. They just work really well for me and I like how easy they are to wash. I stuff mine either with their insert or with a prefold. So, being such a huge FuzziBunz, I gave up some sleep today to get up early enough to order. This means Granola Babies will be one of the first retailers to physically get these! And because I know it’s hard to wait…we’ve opened a pre-order now so that you can get your order in right away. The names are all yummy too! Cotton Candy, Crushed Berries, Watermelon….

Apple Green

Big Sky



Choco Truffle

Cotton Candy

Crushed Berries



Mac N Cheese


Tootie Frootie



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