Flying a Kite

Last week we flew a kite with the kids for the first time. The kids loved the experience so much. They ran and giggled and were amazed at their flying kite. While looking over our photos of that day, it occurred to me how much flying a kite is like raising our children.

You begin with them close to you. Securely held, guarded from the elements, until you feel that it’s time to let go a little. Then you run along with them as they start to fly, still holding them securely not too far from you. The more they fly, the more you let go until they begin to fly in all their glory. You then watch from afar, but still have a string to their heart, as they fly in the beauty of nature. Should they start to tumble, you can pull them in to help or guide them along to a better path so that they can continue to fly. And at the end of it all, you know that whenever they need you…you’ll always be there holding lovingly to their heart’s string.

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