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We are happy to introduce you to Milagros Guzman, this month’s featured blog subscriber. Milagros is the mother of three handsome boys. She’s an experienced wrapper and also an active member of thebabywearer.com.

How were you introduced to babywearing?
As a new mom, I read many different sites on pregnancy and parenting. I stumbled upon a photo of a mother with her baby in a earthy green ring sling. They were both looking at the camera with such warm smiles that it instantly touched me. I connected to the mother in the photo for wanting her baby so close.

What’s your favorite baby carrier type and why?
I love using a simple piece of cloth to wear my babies. Wraps are so snuggly and very versatile. It is the closest thing that feels like pregnancy. The tightness of my favorite piece of cloth wrapped all around my body and babe just reminds me of that sweet closeness. I can wear my baby on my front in a multilayered carry while he doses off to sleep or wear him on my back while doing dishes or reading to my 3 year old and 2 year old.

Do you think that babywearing has changed the way you parent and if so, how?
Babywearing has helped me be present for all of my children. I feel that I can be the mother that I want to be because of the bond and connection babywearing brings to my life. There is nothing like a sleeping babe against your skin while we are rocking to our own rhythm mimicking the time he was in my womb.

Please share with us your fondest babywearing memory with your little one(s).
My fondest memory is when we blast some music and dance around all together. My baby in a wrap all the while holding my 3 year old’s and 2 year old’s hands. It is a perfect circle of love.

Thank you Milagros for sharing with us!

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