Featured Babywearing Group Leader ~ Kristin

This month our featured babywearing group leader is Kristin, founder and leader of the Kanga Mamas Babywearing Group in Rhode Island.

Please share a little about yourself and how your group got started?
I was introduced to babywearing through individual research while pregnant with my first child. I found babywearing to intuitively make sense and ordered my first sling. Shortly after giving birth to my son in 2008, I was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety. While seeking conventional medical care, I found wearing my son gave me an essential boost to my confidence while providing a soothing environment for both me and my child. Recognizing the benefits to both mother and child, I quickly became passionate about babywearing. I began educating those closest to me and anyone who would listen about babywearing and its benefits.

While looking to connect with other mothers, I discovered KangaMamas, Rhode Island’s Babywearing Group. Shortly after joining the then current leader stepped down and I was asked to take over. Delighting in the challenge and feeling the pieces fall into place, I accepted.

When are your meetings? Can you tell us about a typical meeting?
Our meetings are held every third Saturday of the month. A typical meeting is helping moms and dads try new carriers, master a different carry and lots of chatting.

What’s the most commonly asked question at your meetings?
The most commonly asked question is why I do I do this? The answer is seeing the light in a new mom or dad’s face when they feel baby snuggle close; helping an experienced mom learn a new carry to help with a new challenge.

Please share with us your best choosing tips for new parents who want to babywear.
Try on everything you can! Don’t pass up the opportunity to talk to other parents who babywear, you never know what you might learn.

What plans do you have for your group in 2010?
Plans for 2010 include incorporation, achieving non-profit recognition, starting a program to educate local care providers about babywearing, a Fall Educational Seminar and Fundraiser and much more.

What advice can you give to those wanting to start a babywearing group?

  • Research everything you can.
  • Advertise/market as much as you can.
  • You don’t have to start big; a regular meet-up is a great place to start.
  • Have lots of fun with it, you’ll meet some great people!
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