Enjoying Herbal Ice Treats

Lately my kids have been enjoying these herbal ice treats. It’s been specially nice here as the weather yesterday was quite hot, so this made a lovely after school treat. And what I as a mother love about these is that they are enjoying a treat while also getting the medicinal benefits of the herbs I use.

My son started it all by collecting rose petals (non-sprayed with pesticides…very important) from our backyard and asking me to make him a tea. I did that but then while he was at school, I added a little honey to it and put it in a cup to freeze. When he got home, I gave it to him and he was in love. Very delicious! And then from that day on the kids have asked me to make them more. We’re doing them about once a week or so and each time they look forward to it.

How to Make Herbal Ice Treats


Today we’re making again rose petals (collected  this time by my daughter) and chamomile flowers.  But truly there are so many options for herbs you can use including Peppermint, Lemonbalm, Hibiscus, Nettle…many options that kids love. Make the tea as usual (1 teaspoon of dried herb to a cup of boiled water or 2 tablespoons of the fresh herb to a cup of boiled water), let it cool down, place some in smaller child size cup, add a little honey (or not) and then freeze. So easy!


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